Monday, February 19, 2018

Website 101


Your website is where your bricks and mortar world meets the clicks and mortar world.

It is the online home for your organization and all it represents. Thus, it is an essential marketing and public relations outlet.

Emotionally, it should continue to add to the brand equity already build by the goodwill created by your staff, your products, your services and your programs.

Technically, there are three major components of site design:

Graphic Appeal:

The design of the site should reflect the spirit of your organization as well as branding developed through printed collateral materials. By developing a consistent image, familiarity, credibility and trust can begin to be created and associated with that brand. Trust is the cornerstone to success on the web and in any endeavor.


Design is just one aspect of branding. Content is perhaps more important still. Your customers are looking for a high degree of informative content.


Today’s websites cannot be static. Users expect a high level of interactivity. There more we get the user to interact with the site, the more we can learn about that user and thus the better we can serve him or her. Much of the functionality for a site should be created in dynamic pages that your staff or someone you designate can easily update. Product information, calendars, searchable databases, FAQs, etc. are all good examples of ways to keep your site fresh.

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