Monday, February 19, 2018

Web Development Checklist


Whether you are thinking about your website for the first time, in the midst of a redesign or comparing Code Gurus to the competition, this is a handy checklist of things you may want to consider.


Code Gurus websites are built with the user in mind. Through user testing and design experience we make sure that your user's ability to achieve their goals on your site is as easy as possible. This might mean that your site may not win a design award but it's not a piece of art, it's a marketing machine, and it's important not to lose sight of that. Nothing is more important than usability and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, check if your site meets the usability requirements by contacting us for a free site audit today.

Search Engine friendliness:

Search Engines account for roughly 80% of new visitors to your site. If the search engines can't find you, you may as well shut down your website and go back to bed. Apart from making sure your content and site structure are optimized to gain good rankings, we also make your URLs Search-Robot friendly by rewriting them with our nifty software. The Search Engine spiders won't just love your new Code Gurus-built website, they'll eat it up!


A normal website built by a normal company might handle a normal load of visitors. But when the traffic increases, your site better be able to handle it! With the intelligent use of advanced data caching and sound software design principles, we'll make sure your site can handle its increased traffic load and still provide a fast user experience. We'll future-proof your investment as your business grows.


Imagine running a store without knowing who your customers are, where they came from and what they are doing inside your shop. This is critical information and without it, some aspects of your business might be underperforming without you even knowing it! When we build your website, we build you a marketing machine. With our custom marketing modules and integrated advanced web anayltics, you'll know everything there is to know about your site's users. More importantly, you can make decisions about how to improve their experience and as a result, your sales. Google Analytics offers intuitive, insightful analysis of your web site. It shows you campaigns, site navigation patterns, PPC, SEO and ROI stats instantly.


The key to a good website is fresh, valuable content. We have a whole bunch of modules that allow you to manage various aspects of your website content yourself - that's if you don't want us to do it for you. Some of these modules include a Content management System, Blog system, photo gallery, news list or journal. Of course, all of this is administered directly in your web browser so you can easily access everything in one convenient place and make changes real-time.


That's such an IT word! But it's a good word in this circumstance. Your site will be run on a secure, well-maintained server, making it work for you 24/7. Our tech support is here whenever you need them. There's also no need to worry about nasties visiting your site and your life because all your data stays confidential according to the strictest security protocols.


The ability to test and measure is what sets online marketing apart from its traditional offline counterparts. Gone are the days of "Pay-and-Pray". For the most part, with detailed analytics and link tracking we can tell exactly what's working and what's not. There is an old saying from the 1950's by Lord Leverhume: "I know half my advertising isn't working, I just don't know which half". We know exactly what works and what doesn't. More importantly, we change our strategies accordingly.

All pages on your Code Gurus built site can be built to be A/B split tested, where different visitors are randomly shown different versions to determine which is more effective. Once we have some statistically accurate results, we'll tweak your site for maximum conversion.

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