Monday, February 19, 2018

Triad Communications


Contact: Denise Schneider, Technical Project Manager,
Projects: Search Engine, E-Commerce, Intranets, Extranets.

Triad Communication is a small but growing public relations firm with a strong internet development backbone. I love working with Triad as a contract developer because the work is never boring, the people are the best and the support from management is superb. Most of the work I have done for Triad has been internet development using Active Server Pages (ASP) with IIS and a database, usually Oracle or MS SQL Server. We always use the latest tools at Triad including developing custom ActiveX objects, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), and other cutting edge tools. I have worked as an individual developer, team member, team lead and project overseer. For example, recently we finished rolling out a document repository to support current litigation. We built the system, including tools to load and manage the data as well as loading 500,000 documents (over 6 million pages), in a little over 2 weeks.
I have worked on more than 15 different projects for Triad, but because of client relations I cannot list all of the URLs for the websites here. Please contact me individually for references to more specific clients and projects.

A brief list of projects for Triad Communications:

National Park Foundation - One of Triads most important clients is the National Park Foundation. With Triad I have been a lead developer on all aspects of the National Park Foundation websites. Some of the applications that I have developed for NPF are the Donate section of the main web site, the Pass Purchase site, Batch Loading Tool for data management and the Data Management application, which I cannot show due to confidentiality. In addition to the web site programming, I have been instrumental in managing large data sets of constituent information, reporting and updating the data, writing custom tools to send email campaigns and monitor feedback results.

PAC ImagePublic Affairs Council - PAC is a long time client of Triad and I have been involved in the PAC system throughout it's lifespan. Initially hosted on an Apache server for Unix, I converted the application to running on IIS for Windows, added a shopping cart with checkout for the PAC Publications system and wrote a registration system for PAC conferences. Read more about it here.