Monday, February 19, 2018

Keene Ideas

Contact: Doni Keene,

Project: Effinheimer Beer
A new brewery opened in my town (yay!) and needed a web presence up quickly in order to spread the word about their product and help people find it in local establishments. We were able to get this CMS set up within days for Effinheimer to start creating content in while we finalized the design. The client loves that they can manage nearly every aspect of their site themselves, making sure that their local events, specials, festivals, pictures, seasonal styles, etc. are on the website quickly without waiting for a web-person to get around to it. 

Project: DeClercq Basketball
Andrew DeClercq is a basketball player, not a webmaster. But he loves to help kids learn to play basketball. So we set up a CMS site for him to showcase the camps he runs for the area youth. He needed a good scheduling system, a way to quickly post forms for registration and liability release, images from the camps and to thank his sponsors. Now Andrew manages his site himself and keeps it up to date quickly and easily. He uploads new pictures, adds and edits camps and collects registration information online, saving him countless hours over the old paper based registration. 

Project: The Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC (CMCG)
You are a small company. You want to look like a much larger company when bidding on contracts and showcasing your talents to your existing clients. How do you do that? A great website! We set up a CMS for CMCG that lets them focus on the multiple services they perform for their disparate clients and easy add new new lines of business. The multiple portal capability of the CMS allows CMCG to manage a single CMS installation with multiple sites being served, keeping hosting costs down and allowing for cross-portal information sharing. We jazzed up the site with scrolling banners that really grab the eye and do a great job of presenting the company to both new and old clients. 

World Of ShootersWoS Internal PageThis is a complete site from the ground up to be an online directory of High Definition camera owners to list their equipment, skills and portfolios so they can be found by producers, directors or other camera operator employers. The site is a PHP5 application built on top of the Kohana framework that integrates with PayPal payments to charge the membership costs. Extensive use of AJAX and jQuery actions throughout the site keep the interactions quick and modern. The Kohana framework with jQuery really helped me quickly and cheaply deliver a quality product that "felt" like a much bigger, more expensive piece of software.

Project: JWB Architects Website HTMLization
JWB Architect Inside PagesJWB Architect Front PageI partnered with Doni Keene on this project, taking his cutting edge Photoshop designs and doing the slicing and dicing to convert them to HTML for the web. Additionally, the pages were converted to PHP code in order to allow single-file changes to the menu structure and to parameterize the left menus and thumbnail generation so that expansion of the site is quick and easy without introducing new errors into the output files. Created on a very tight deadline, the entire site was designed, written, converted to HTML, programmed, tested and put up in a matter of a couple of days. Because the portfolio of past work was so important to this client, it was made very easy to add new work and keep the menus updated.

PremUS New DesignProject: PremUS of Orlando
PremUS needed a new site design to replace their existing site design. Doni had worked with another web developer who started the work on the site, but then was unable to complete the work. Doni called me in a panic, but I quickly prioritized what needed to be done first, how we could maximize the use of what had already been done and began implementing the changes to get the site returned for review as quickly as possible.