Monday, February 19, 2018

Help You Grow Coaching

Help You Grow CoachingHelp You Grow Coaching is the quintessential small company. A single young man, driven by the desire to help people reach their goals. A real go-getter who wants to bring his unique talents to bear on the problems that plague his clients. Just like me! Help You Grow Coaching had a limited budget, a basic web site and high promotion and advertising bills. They didn't know where to spend their ad budget and which promotional channels were given them the best return on investment. In short, they were adrift on a sea of misinformation about the internet advertising world and had been fed a lot of bad information by snake oil salesmen from Search Engine Optimization companies.

So I sat down with them, spent a while explaining what is really going on behind the scenes in the internet advertising world and mapped out a series of small, easily budgeted steps that would give them the feedback that they needed to determine the best advertising channels and to make their site more palatable to the search engines.

By far my smallest client, but it goes to show that not all of the problems that I work on are big. Sometimes all someone needs is a pointer in the right direction and a little customized javascript to be back in business. I feel confident that the small amount I charged them would be recovered by eliminating worthless advertising channels within the first 30 days.