Monday, February 19, 2018

Government Payment Service

Government Payment Service ( is the nations premier provider of payment services to county governments, enabling them to quickly collect and track bail, fee, property tax and ticket payments. A pioneer in voice XML based alternate payment methods, they needed web payment methods to supplement their phone-based information collection paths. 

Links are not available for all projects due to the sensitive nature of the clients product. 

We set up three projects for GPS:

Project: Reporting Tool
GPS needed a quick way to be able to create, edit and run reports on collected transaction data. Additionally they needed to be able to export the data to Excel and PDF. I used the excellent open source reporting software, BIRT, to build generic reports with lots of parameters to filter data. Additionally, I created a large number of custom logins to limit which reports each user can see. The application is currently in use for many internal GPS users as well as a number of external clients.


Project: Onboarding
Adding new clients to the database and configuring their database records to allow the automated systems to collect payment information was a slow and tedious process in the beginning. I used PHP and the Kohana MVC framework to quickly build a data manager application that includes AJAX based searches for quickly finding account information, quick editing with full validation of all fields and easy addition of new tables and fields. Internal authentication through the client database has a full permissions system that gives users access to only that data which they should change. 

Project: Web Payment Gateway Portals (An example of one of the many payment portals.)
GPS provides the basic payment services to their clients. Think PayPal for government payments. But they didn't have a way to provide additional validation of data fields that needed to be collected in support of the payment and no way to validate if the payment met on-line payment requirements. Additionally most users were coming to the system from the client's website and were nervous when leaving that site in order to make a payment. I wrote up a Smarty based PHP system that allows me to quickly reproduce the look and feel of the clients website while using GPS's payment fields and extensive validation to quickly collect the data and feed it into the payment system. The system can do additional services including calculating payment and fees as well as displaying a detailed receipt when the payment is complete.