Monday, February 19, 2018

FirstPlace Software, Inc.


Contact: Brent Winters, President,,
Product: WebPosition -

WebPositionWebPosition is a product to assist web masters and other people in charge of commercial web sites manage the visibility of their site. Written in Visual Basic, version 5, WebPosition collects, tabulates and displays the users web site ranking against the competition in various search engines. WebPosition asynchronously queries a large number of search engines, extracts the pertinent information, processes large amounts of returned text and formats HTML output.

It also includes automated, web-based trial registrations and ordering, an integrated scheduler, and analysis and alert tools to indicate changes in your web site ranking. I was the sole developer for the entire WebPosition project.

* WebPosition earned the coveted 4 star rating from ZDNet Labs!ZDNet

* 5 out of 5 stars from, "Very nice software and it is a must for all people who have pages on the net and want to know where their site is listed."

* FirstPlace is a small company of two people operating out of a home office in Missouri. Money magazine identified FirstPlace(Used to be called IST) as 'One of the five best home businesses' in the May 6, 1997 issue. I enjoy working with small, dynamic companies like FirstPlace because I think that they represent the future of the software business.