Monday, February 19, 2018

Eagle Publishing


Contact: Steve Miller, Director of Information Systems,
Projects: E-Commerce

Eagle Publishing produces a wide variety of books, magazines and newspapers focusing on conservative issues, investing, the family and health. They have a wide variety of back end legacy systems to manage their inventory, ordering, subscriptions and product information. Our work for Eagle Publishing focused on their book club and book service web sites.
A brief list of projects for Eagle Publishing:

CBCConservative Book Club - supports a very large group of members who have opted in to getting regular shipments of the latest in conservative literature. The site not only allows the user to browse and purchase from the inventory of collection but also allows them to manage their subscription, refuse or select their main selections, check shipping status, pay for items that have been shipped to them, participate in on-line communities and provide feedback to the editors. The Book Club site is tied in closely with Eagles back-end ordering and inventory management system. In addition to the main CBC site, about 10 other book service sites have been custom branded to provide a different look and feel to the site while retaining 90% of the code of the CBC site. That is crucial to maintaining a large and complicated system. See the details here.

Eagle ListsEagle Lists Service - is the business-to-business site for Eagle Publishing to offer access to their customer base. Primarily a data delivery site, all content is managed by a back end administration system that includes file upload capability and extensive text editing.

Human Events OnlineHuman Events Online - is the on-line version of a very popular weekly newspaper published by Eagle Publishing. The on-line version had to mimic the content of the printed version as well as providing additional features for the web user. Many articles in the newspaper are for subscribers only, so subscription data had to be dealt with as well. Functions exist for renewing the users subscription and opting into or out of special email based newsletters.