Monday, February 19, 2018

Dragonfly Communications


Contact: Chris Norwood, Project Manager,
Projects: E-Commerce, Document Workflow Automation

Dragonfly Communication is a small, dynamic design company that produces some of the most eye popping design and user interfaces that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Either avant garde design that reaches out and connects with you or down-to-earth user interfaces that are all business, Dragonfly does good work. They do the design, I bring it to life with active, data aware, behind the scenes programming.
A brief list of projects for Dragonfly:

USCCBUnited States Conference of Catholic Bishops - USCCB had a paperwork intensive system for managing public communications. Documents were always being lost, misdirected or moved through the chain of command manually. Code Gurus programmed a web application for them that allows the people throughout their organization to create and manage many internal communications and move them automatically through the creation, internal review, final review and sign-off phases. Read more about it here.

NAICVCNational Association of Investment Companies - The National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) is the industry association for investment companies dedicating financial resources to investment in an ethnically diverse marketplace. NAIC member companies invest in privately held businesses that have a high probability of growth and the ability to generate significant returns for investors and shareholders. This project was to create a series of web pages allowing prospective companies to apply for venture capital funding. The forms collected a large amount of data about each firm and it's needs and capabilities. The administrative functions allowed NAIC member companies to review the submissions to evaluate them for funding. The system collected payments for listing within the system and a complete auditing and email alerting system was included.

PACT Publications - PACT is a small publishing house that focuses on providing instructional materials to non-governmental organizations that are helping people throughout the world. We built a simple E-commerce application for them to allow them to sell books from their catalog. Special programming was required because many of the books are available in a number of languages or they are produced on demand. In recognition of their mission, Code Gurus developed thier application at a very reduced rate in order to help them out. See behind the scenes here.