Monday, February 19, 2018

Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports Travel Site

Disney's ESPN division needed assistance improving a website that was built to collect group travelers hotel room needs and disseminate it to local hotels in order to facilitate room booking. The system is built in PHP with extensive Smarty template usage. 

The site consists of three sites: the public facing site, the administration section and a special section for hotel users to be able to log in and collect registration info. 

On this project I improved the layout of the design, added a lot of exception handling, added the ability for the system to be reskinned easily for special events while automatically detecting which skin needs to be loaded. I also added the ability for multiple hotel photos and improved the administrators section to allow for easier editing and enhanced reporting, including Excel sheet generation from within PHP. 

Because this is a live site under constant use, planning upgrade migration was always a challenge and required a high degree of care to implement.