Monday, February 19, 2018

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)


Contact: Rick Wayman, Project Manager,
Product: Technical Reports and Full Text distribution for Secure STINET

Written in Perl, the STINET system consists of a collection of 4 CGI applications for collecting search requests from the user, formatting WAIS and Fulcrum queries, collecting the results of the query, formatting the output and returning data to the user. The applications also log access to provide the system administrators ways to track users access to the data, provide security, and handle other requests for data not contained in the databases. The 4 applications total almost 15,000 lines of Perl code. This system is for authorized DTIC users only, so no link is provided.

DTIC - STINET, IRD project


Contact: Anh Nguyen, ANguyen@DTIC.MIL
Project: Independent Research and Development Database Processor

DTIC has been happy with my work in the past, so they brought me in on another project, the IRD project. This is a database of research and development projects that companies with defense contracts are working on. If the government pays to have the research done, it gets copies of the research reports to keep on file and use for it's own studies and procurement. So, they needed a way to organize and search the data that they get every year. I set up a system to process Microsoft Word documents that include tables of common data as well as graphs, pictures, tables, etc., and provide an on-line search interface for the document as well as the ability to retrieve either a summary or a PDF (generated automatically) of the original file.