Monday, February 19, 2018


Brainbench Logo
Brainbench is the only major company-neutral skills certification company. Other computer skills certification programs are company-centric and only test the narrow skills of a single companies single product. Brainbench tests broad skills and concepts, testing real-world skills and knowledge.

Brainbench is known for its innovative, yet easy-to-use online assessment solutions Brainbench is the only assessment company with a rich offering across personality, knowledge, skills, abilities, and past work behavior. Other companies offer strengths in one or two of these areas, but only Brainbench offers world class tools in each category.

I sit as a paid advisor on the web development tests, assisting the company in selecting appropriate test criteria for the web programming tests, then validating the test questions and providing feedback to the company test builders as to the difficulty of the questions and the applicability to real-world programming tasks.

I respect Brainbench and their drive to free the professional certification racket from being pure revenue streams from the big companies.