Monday, February 19, 2018

Bloomfield & Company

Contact: Greg Blakey

Project: Job Placement Tracker Application
Bloomfield & Company specializes in placing top-notch executive assistant level candidates with companies that are looking for the perfect match. They needed an application to organize their extensive list of client companies, job openings and candidates. We wrote an application that uses the web site to provide a central location for tracking all of the information as well as keeping track of all of the interviews, candidate resumes and references and providing reports showing placement status by candidate and job opening.

The application is written in Active Server Pages.NET (ASP.NET) using VB.NET and C# programming languages. It connects to a SQL Server database back end that contains all of the data as well as lookup tables for all of the status codes and other configurable data elements. An administrative interface is provided in ASP.NET to allow the client to edit all of this data.

For the design of this site, a premium was placed on clean, simple to operate pages that would load fast and provide the maximum amount of room for data display and editing. A palette of primary colors was used to cue the user to what data was being edited or viewed and to make the pages easy to navigate.

Project: Bloomfield & Company Website
As a follow on task to the Tracker application, we used the excellent DotNetNuke Content Management System to rebuild the Bloomfield website. By providing a simple, off the shelf template skin as a framework and installing the application on the website with the Tracker app, we were able to maximize the hosting capabilities and get a new website up quickly. The client can now update their content when needed and can keep the listing up to date. We are planning on building in custom reporting capabilities to pull information on the open positions tables in the Tracker into the web site so that the web site is automatically updated with the list of open positions. Submission forms will allow potential candidates to express interest in open positions and let Bloomfield & Company collect their information and enter them into the candidate tables with a minimum of friction.