Monday, February 19, 2018


You Deal Directly With the Owner

At Code Gurus, you deal directly with the owner. I, Chris Chubb, have a direct stake in the success of every project I undertake.

You will not have to deal with separate Contracts Administrators, Technical Leads, Sales, and Programmers. When you contact Code Gurus, you will deal directly with me, eliminating the overhead, time wasting inefficiencies and bungled communications inherent in large organizations.

Specialization and Generalization

I have a broad range of experience in different styles of programs. I have developed large systems for thousands of users and smaller expert systems for a single user. I have developed parallel processing systems for stateless web servers and sequential systems for presentation. I am not trying to sound
boastful, I just want to communicate that I have experience with many different system architectures. I will bring the best parts of all relevant system architectures to bear on your problem.

Programming languages are like wood working tools. You would not use a hammer to drive a screw or a screw driver to pound a nail, so why listen to other developers that insist that their 'pet language' is the cure-all that you need. I will tailor the solution to the problem, and pick exactly the right mix of development tools required to solve your problem.

At Code Gurus, the problem always comes first, then the solution.

Development Tools

At Code Gurus, I work in a specialized development environment. I am equipped with the latest in hardware and software, continually training in new technologies, and I keep all relevant developer APIs and reference materials close at hand. I have access to nearly any combination of platforms for real word testing of client server, groupware and web applications.

Development Methodology

To ensure that my software meets or exceeds your expectations and are reliable, effective, and completed on time and on budget, I follow The Path to the Guru, an internal set of development guidelines. The Path to the Guru is a blend of creative design freedom and functional performance standards, put down on paper to keep me focused on the ultimate goal: quality software.

Timely Delivery Record

I take pride in my track record of delivering the specified products on time and complete. I keep projects on schedule using a variety of skills and disciplines:

  • I take pride in my programming skill and discipline. Good coding is not evident on the surface, but it gives me satisfaction to see beautiful programming structure and well commented code. Good code is easier to build, lends itself to team efforts more readily, accommodates enhancements or radical design changes, and reduces testing time.
  • I make every effort to calculate time estimates carefully. I would rather loose a project bid than not allow enough time to write effective software.
  • I keep you informed. I do this by responding to calls quickly, by bringing issues to your attention immediately, and by providing status reports as often as your require.
  • I operate more efficiently than traditional development companies. I minimize lost productivity due to obsolete equipment, ack of information, office gossip or annoying distractions.
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