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Code Gurus is a software development company providing custom state-of-the-art executive information systems and commercial-grade software to high technology companies. We specialize in bringing intelligence, automation and interactivity to web based systems.

With Code Gurus, Inc., you get the benefits of world-class programming skills without the overhead costs of expensive facilities or administrative overhead.

For a free project consultation and assistance with specifications, please contact us.

Need A Website Built? Let's cover the basics first...

At Code Gurus we have built a LOT of web sites. We have built simple brochure-ware websites with mostly static information, we have built e-commerce systems for selling everything from books to heavy equipment and we have built large document management websites. But all had something in common: Good design and well organized content with a low-friction interface and well tested code.
I have put together a collection of reading material to help my customers focus on the important issues in website design and creation and I am happy to share them with you:

Website 101
5 Questions to Ask
Web Development Checklist
Our Internet Philosophy

Please contact us if you have any (and I mean any) questions.
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